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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Buildings and installations inspection


The inspection of technical condition of construction structures is an independent direction of construction activity covering a body of issues connected with creation of normal conditions for labor and work of people, provision of durability and functional reliability of buildings and installations, with repair and restoration works as well as elaboration of project documentation on strengthening structures or their reconstruction. 

The volume of performed buildings and installations inspections increases every year. This is the result of a number of factors: depreciation, upgrade and reconstruction of works buildings of industrial enterprises, reconstruction of low-rise old building, modification of ownership forms and sharp rise in prices for realty.    

It is especially important to inspect buildings and installations after various kinds of technogenic and natural disasters (fires, breakdowns in the course of operation, explosions, hurricanes, earthquakes etc.)  

The common aim of the inspection of technical state of construction structures is identification of the wear and tear degree, reasons of their condition, de facto capacities of structures and elaboration of arrangements to assure their operational characteristics. 

We perform engineering and technical inspections of buildings and installations of different purposes form flats to plants, from preliminary visual inspection of cottage before purchase to detailed instrumental inspection of monuments of historical and cultural heritage. 

In the course of works on building inspection we apply new tools and instruments, modern calculation complexes and programs which let us accurately assess the real technical state of inspected building, determine the degree of its wear and tear and residual reserve of supporting capacity, provide recommendations on assurance of further safe operation or establish reasons of breakdowns (collapses).

As a result of engineering and technical inspection you will receive our report containing strictly in accordance with statement of work:

  • expert opinion with concise conclusion based on results of engineering inspection, usually the conclusion contains assessment of possibility to operate the building in current state, possibility to load increase or modification of calculation scheme after reconstruction or re-planning;  
  • concise description of existing building, its space and planning as well as structural solutions; 
  • photofixation of defects identified in the course of inspection (usually those which may influence further operation of building i.e. essential);
  • results of technical inspection of certain structures (walls, foundations, roofing) with detailed description of structures, defects, recommendations on further operation or strengthening of structure (everything in accordance with effective norms);
  • detailed conclusion with recommendations on strengthening of certain structures and further operation of overall building (premise) as well as estimated characteristics of building structures and their further use after reconstruction, re-planning or structure strengthening;  
  • results of laboratory research (as appropriate);
  • graphical part with project drawings including as-built drawings (as appropriate); 
  • calculation part with check calculations of certain structures (as appropriate); 
  • applications with our licenses and documents confirming education;
  • applications provided by the customer (plans of the Technical Inventory Bureau, project materials etc.).

The overall execution is made with the use of computer, text in Word format, graphics in AutoCAD format which can be convenient for projectors (they may use our basis for the facility). One exemplar of the report is kept for unlimited period in our archive.   

We offer the following types of works:

  • Technical inspection of buildings and installations before reconstruction, capital repair, purchase or structures strengthening
  • Expertise of supporting capacity of structures for determination of possibility of their further safe operation
  • Investigation of insured events and determination of realty breakdown reasons
  • Determination of operation environment of construction structures
  • Measurements, drafting as-built and preliminary drawings of construction structures
  • Identification of apparent and hidden defects of and damage to structures  
  • Thermal surveys of facilities 
  • Instrumental trials and measurements; selection of samples and laboratory trials of structural materials
  • Analysis of physical and mathematic characteristics of construction materials on the basis of results of field and laboratory tests
  • Execution of engineering documentation (drawings) with the use of modern means of computer-aided design
  • Execution of check calculations to determine supporting capacity of inspected structures 
  • Execution of check thermotechnical calculations of enclosing structures 
  • Issuance of expert opinions to obtain permission for facility reconstruction 
  • Elaboration of recommendations based on results of inspections
  • Elaboration of technical documentation on strengthening of structures and their replacement

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